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Stephen Curry "definitely" wants to be part of future ownership of Carolina Panthers

Brilliant State Warriors star Stephen Curry needs to take part in possession the place where he grew up NFL group regardless of who is heading up the offer, it appears. 

Bloomberg gave an account of Wednesday that internet business extremely rich person Michael Rubin had dropped out of the offering for the Carolina Panthers. Curry had been connected as a major aspect of a consortium being amassed by Rubin to offer for the NFL group, a gathering that likewise supposedly included Sean "Diddy" Combs and Joseph Tsai, the very rich person minority proprietor of the Brooklyn Nets. 

In a meeting with The Mercury News' Logan Murdock yesterday, Curry said he keeps on having any desires for being a piece of the proprietorship gathering of the group:

“Definitely,” Curry said Thursday afternoon. “Not a distraction but definitely something I’m working on.”
With Rubin reportedly out of the picture, Curry said he’s still weighing his options.
“Trying to figure out the right moves and the right partners, Curry said. “You’ll hear stuff when I’m ready for that to make that be known all the way around but its still ongoing.”
Aside from the allure of owning a professional team in his hometown, Curry expressed intrigue in being the first African American owner in NFL history.
“Knowing and having an opportunity to break that trend and stat, why not?” Curry said. “That’s a pretty powerful opportunity, and one that I know doesn’t come around that often. There’s not a lot of turnover in NFL ownership.”
Curry expressed his interest in joining a potential ownership group in the Panthers, the team he grew up rooting for in Charlotte, when hip-hop mogul Combs tweeted his desire to buy the franchise in early December.  
"It's a pretty interesting opportunity," Curry said several weeks later. "I've had conversations with plenty of people about the right way to go about it and kind of the different approaches I could personally take. Obviously I have a day job but I've got people that are plugged in and trying to see how to make that happen."
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